What makes Acute Safety a step above the competition?
Acute Safety is and will remain one step ahead of the competition due to the fact that we are always looking to the future. We provide a completely customized service to fit our client’s needs. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” motto like other companies in the Oil and Gas industry. Basically, we stay a step above the competition using technology when available and changing with the industry.

What certifications do your Field Safety guys have?
All employees of Acute Safety have their offshore certifications. We ensure that they are all highly trained and knowledgeable of all pertinent rules and regulations that impact the industry. We also require that all employees have actually worked in the field. This ensures that they have knowledge of not only safety regulations, but also of the work that is being performed. They have actually done the work themselves. This is what makes us unique. All projects are specifically staffed with personnel that have knowledge and hands-on experience with the tasks that are being performed.

What areas of services do you offer?
Acute Safety offers a variety of services from oilfield construction services, to safety training. We listen to our clients and watch closely to what the industry needs. Then we grow our services to fulfill that need.

Can your company supply 24-hour emergency assistance?
YES! We are there for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We can and will meet every need of our clients.

What rates do you charge for your different services?
Rates vary depending on the services that are required. All services are billed according to our thorough rate sheet. Thus, our clients know what they are being billed up front and do not have to worry about overages or change orders.

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Acute Safety strives to provide excellence in health safety and environment. Our success depends on our ability to provide comprehensive, innovative and customized service of the highest quality to our clients with consistent superiority in the HS&E industry.


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