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Our goal when we created Acute Safety a decade ago is the same as it is today: to provide our customers with world class safety consultants and training programs. With our commitment to excellence and proactive methodology, we develop employee behaviors that are a benchmark for a quality safety program.

We have assisted many companies in a wide variety of services.

Matador Resources:
  • Acute Safety was contracted in 2008 and 2009 to create a comprehensive HS&E program manual and customized trainings. Our personnel met with key employees within the company to get a full understanding of procedures and operations. All information gathered was compiled into a comprehensive HS&E program to help prepare the company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
Mears Group:
  • Located in New York and New Jersey, Acute Safety was hired from 2014-2015 to provide an on site HS&E representative. Our representative was responsible for all safety procedures, trainings and protocols on an HDD pipeline project. This project consisted of connecting an offshore pipeline to tie into a mainland, onshore truck line.
Cotton Commercial:
  • Starting in early 2016, Acute Safety has provided numerous representatives to assist in day-to-day safety operations and oversee all safety aspects. We have worked in many cities including Houston, Pecos, San Antonio, Rockport and many others throughout Texas. Some consulting jobs we assisted on include the Mars Chocolate Factory Fire Recovery and demolition supervision after Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas.
Exxon Mobile/Driver Pipeline:
  • Located in Louisiana in 2007 and 2008, Acute Safety was contracted to provide an HS&E representative for onsite supervision. The project consisted of a four mile pipeline expansion to connect barge docks. Our representative kept in constant contact between the client, contractor and refinery during the length of the project, on and offshore, to ensure a smooth operation.
Rockport Terminals:
  • Contracted in 2016 and 2017, Acute Safety completed a full safety analysis of the customer’s 230+ acre property located in Rockport, Texas. The safety analysis assisted in the preparation of an inspection by the United States Coast Guard. The full safety analysis consisted of inspections of 25,000BBL storage tanks, barge docks, a 3 spur rail yard and much more.
  • Contracted in 2017 after immense Hurricane Harvey flooding in Houston, Texas, Acute Safety assisted in disaster relief efforts involving consulting at disaster relief centers, submittal of safety paperwork and inspections of locations throughout the Houston area.

“To no surprise, the Acute Safety manager assigned to our project delivered as promised and the end result was a safe project and a happy client.” – Mears Group

“Acute Safety was contracted to complete a safety analysis of our property, as well as prepare us for our USCG inspection – which was all provided with a professional manner at a reasonable price.” – Rockport Terminals

“Acute Safety personnel are easy to work with and maintain a high level of professionalism. Acute Safety will be an asset to any company they support and hope you have the same experience with them.” – Cotton Commercial

“We have been using Acute Safety for safety training and consulting for the last three years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual and offer the most competitive rates.” – Eagle Ford Water and Disposal

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Acute Safety strives to provide excellence in health safety and environment. Our success depends on our ability to provide comprehensive, innovative and customized service of the highest quality to our clients with consistent superiority in the HS&E industry.


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