September 30, 2017
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Industry News
Minerals Management Service ("MMS") announced that energy companies have made seven new discoveries of deepwater oil and gas since January-a trend the agency expects to continue.

Minerals Management Service, the Department of Energy and the American Petroleum Institute held a joint press conference to discuss improvements that have taken place since hurricane season 2005 and the importance of oil and gas resources in the Gulf of Mexico region. Operations and safety were strongly emphasized during these discussions.

In the last two months, there has been substantial improvement in the production numbers in the Gulf of Mexico following the wrath of destruction caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Safety Bulletins

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Current investigations of fatal accidents in the Outer Continental Shelf reveal that fatalities are occurring during the performance of routine tasks. In each of the accidents, the lack of written procedural guidelines for these routine tasks has been identified as a basis for the accidents. Further, according to the latest annual performance reviews, MMS has found that there is a lack of a clear understanding by many operators of what constitutes a Job Safety Analysis ("JSA"), and most operators do not have a formal review process for determining which jobs require one. It appears that most operators only conduct a JSA on the types of routine tasks that cause the most accidents. However, operators are not performing JSA's on routine tasks that have the potential for injury even though no accidents have occurred.

Lifting Procedures & Inexperience
Recently, drilling contractor personnel were busy lifting bundles of 5-inch drill pipe by crane from the pipe rack to the adjacent catwalk for eventual placement on the rig floor. On one of the lifts, a bundle (9 joints) weighing around 5,800 lbs. began to swing horizontally. In an effort to stop its horizontal movement, a drilling contractor employee with only four days of offshore drilling experience was pushed backward by the force of the bundle into a pipe rack post. The bundle continued to swing and struck the employee in the chest while his back was against the post, which resulted in fatal injuries. Tag lines along with a Job Safety Analysis could have prevented this fatal accident.

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